Stainless Steel 358 Anti Climb Mesh

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Stainless Steel 358 Anti-Climb mesh is a super heavy duty wire mesh fence, typically used in applications where high-level security is critical. With a low visual impact for allowing surveillance though the fence makes it a great choice to detect and or assist in recording of intruders.

Stainless Steel 358 Mesh has an extensive range of security uses, some of the most common applications are;

✔️ Correctional Facilities

✔️ Bridges

✔️ Defence Projects

✔️ Electrical Substations

✔️ Prison & Detention centres

✔️ Gas Pipelines

✔️ Airports

✔️ Shopping centres, car park buildings

✔️ Stairwell enclosures, balustrades & protective gates

Spec info;

75x13mm mesh

4.0mm wire

316 stainless steel

1200x2400mm sheet size

26kg per sheet

Other sizes are able to be manufactured on request.

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Micron Mesh Mesh Count Aperture (mm) Wire (mm) Width (mm) Length (Meters) Length (mm) Grade Weight (Kg) approx. Open % Finish Add to Cart
75x13 4 1200 2400 316 26